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Service Description: The McIntyre 1966 geologic map of Reynolds Creek is the largest scale map of the region and the basis for the current geologic map units hosted by the ARS. However, the current set has artifacts from referencing it to a (suspected) 30m DEM, diminishing its usefulness. To improve on this map, the original paper maps were scanned and then imported and georeferenced to the current watershed boundaries and to topographic features of the 2014 LiDAR derived DEM in ArcMap. Georeferencing was done on a best-effort basis to both preserve the original line-drawing shapes from the McIntyre 1966 map, but to also conform to topographic features in the DEM. A final version of these geologic units is available as geology_2019rework_of_McIntyre1966_final.shp in the 2019_geology_ReynoldsCreekCZO.gdb geodatabase as well as being exported as a layer package for sharing as geology_2019rework_of_McIntyre1966_final.lpk Further work is needed in the field to ground-truth the data in addition to further hours spend assessing the fit of the current shapes to topographic features in the LiDAR-derived, 2014 1 m DEM. Significant improvements in accuracy of the map units could be achieved with minimal effort on those two units. In addition, an effort should be made to evaluate the McIntyre1966 map units with respect to the more recent map units by Bonnichsen and Godchaux in 2006 (

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Copyright Text: Ian Lauer 2019 (Idaho State University Pocatello, ID), David MycIntyre 1966 (USDA Agricultural Research Service Boise, ID) McIntyre, D.H., Cenozoic geology of the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Owyhee County, Idaho, Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology, Pamphlet 151, Moscow, Idaho, 1972.

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